Q: What's Nelly's nationality.. Portuguese or Canadian?
A: Her nationality is Canadian. But her parents come from Portugal (The Azore Islands)

Q: Is Nelly married, and if so, to whom?
A: No, she is not married. But she's together with her DJ, Lil Jazz (Jasper Cahunia)

Q: Does she have a baby?
A: Yes, a baby girl. Her name is Nevis

Q: What does Nevis mean?
A: It's Latin for "snow"

Q: What city was Nelly born in, and where does she live now?
A: She was born in Victoria, British Columbia and she now resides in Toronto, Ontario.

Q: What's Nelly's birth name?
A: Nelly Kim Furtado

Q: When Nelly was born?
A: December 2, 1978

Q: What colour are her eyes?
A: "Ice blue" as she describes

Q: What music artist does Nelly like?
A: Pop/Rock: Abba, Lionel Ritchie, Madonna, Paula Abdul, Radiohead, Oasis, Pulp, rubbish, U2, The Verve
HipHop and R&B: TLC, De La Soul, Ice-T, Digable Planets, P.M. Dawn, Kris Kross, New Edition, Bel Biv Devoe, Salt-N-Pepa,Jodeci

Q: What are the names of her parents?
A: Mother = Maria Manuela Furtado
Father = Antonio Jose Furtado

Q: Does she have any siblings?
A: Yes. Her sister is Lisa Anne Furtado and her brother is Michael Anthony Furtado.

Q: How many discs did she record?
A: At present 2, namely "Whoa Nelly" & "Folklore"

Q: What's Nelly's previous band?
A: Nelstar*

Q: What instrument did nelly used to play in her church band?
A: Trombone

Q: Her childhood friend is
A: Sebastian Mena

Q: How can I contact Nelly?
A: There's no way to contact Nelly personally. No-one has her e-mail address, and no-one has her snail mail address. However, you can contact her fan club at the following address:

Nelly furtado fan club
550 elington avenue west,
38114 toronto ontario
canada m5n 3A8

Q: How can I meet Nelly?
A: If you haven't won a "meet & greet", there is no real way to meet Nelly. The best trick is to go to one of her concerts, and then wait for her at the back entrance. She normally gets out there, and if she sees fans, she will try to be nice, and get on the pic with you (or give autographs for free)

Q: Is it true that Nelly has only 9 toes?
A: Ofcourse not. Nelly has 10 toes !

Q: What is Nelly's favourite Whoa Nelly song ?
A: Shit On The Radio

Q: What is Nelly's favourite Folklore song ?
A: Explode

Q: What is Nelly's favourite song ?
A: Not a pretty girl - Ani Difranco

Q: Who is whistling at Island of Wonder song?
A: her mum !!! Manuela Furtado

Q: Nellys favourite rythm?
A: The samba